Allergy Consult at Home

It is a simple way to communicate with the doctor online by Video.

It is face to face consult. It can be anywhere, at home, work, child care centers, schools, chronic care facilities or prison.

1. Schedule your appointment. Click HERE  to access the schedule screen and schedule your preferred time. Our staff will contact you to discuss the best time to see the doctor as close as possible to the time you requested.

2. Verify your information. You will need to enter your insurance information and payment information. If your insurance does not cover this service, you will be billed $46 for the service. 

3. See the Doctor.
There are a 
few things you need to do.
1. Check if you have a good working computer, Lab top, IPad,
Smart phone or any other device you like to use to meet with the doctor. 

2. Check if you have a good internet service.
3. You need to be in a private place to protect your information. You will need to identify yourself and anyone else in the room with you as well as your current location. We cannot see anyone outside Delaware and Maryland.

4. This consult is NOT for emergencies.
5.  If the patient is minor, he needs to have a parent, guardian, nurse,care giver or a child care personnel (As long as the parent agree).

6. If the patient is Adolescent, he/she can be alone or withcare giver. (Parent approval is needed).

7.  If the session stopped because of internet problem, we might finish by phone.

8.   The doctor will review the chart first before the session. If the case is very complicated, the doctor might decide the patient needs to be seen in the office.

9.  The recommendations will be sent to the primary care unless otherwise instructed.