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We treat many illnesses. We always try to find the cause of these issues and work on solving them. We include most of these conditions here. If you have any other allergic diseases, please don't hesitate to call us.
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Allergy and Sinus



We do Allergy skin tests to determine what you are allergic to. We also administer allergy shots (Immunotherapy) as well as drops under the tongue for immunotherapy (this builds immunity in the body to what you are allergic to).
We assess your lung function by doing a lung test (it is called a spirometry). We assess your risk factors that can make your asthma worse. We work together to get rid of these risks and develop a plan to get better., We might use inhaled steroids and rescue medications to help you. In some instances, Xolair or Nucala injections can be of help.
Weak immune systems make it easy to get infections. The infections might be Sinus infections, Bronchitis, Pneumonia or even Ear infections.
We evaluate the immune system to find out why you have these infections. We also help prevent these infections for the future.

Drug Allergy

Food Allergy

Bee Sting Allergy

We evaluate your history to know what happened when you took the medications that you may be allergic to. We might do skin tests for those medications. In some instances, we might do desensitization (this helps you tolerate these medications).
We evaluate your history for your reactions with food. We might do testing for those foods. We also help you to manage these allergies.
We evaluate your history for your reactions to bees. We do skin tests to know which bee could be the one you are allergic to. We desensitize you (make you immune to them)

Hives and Rash

Allergic Reactions

Frequent Sinus and
Ear Infections

Hives and rash can be from a variety of causes. We try to dig deeper to know what are the possible causes.  We do testing to find the cause. We help you to feel better and get rid of it if possible.
Allergic reactions can be from a variety of reasons. We work together to identify them then get rid of them.
Frequent sinus and ear infections can be from allergies or from a weak immune system. We do testing to know the causes. We help you to get better so you can have no or as few as infections as possible.


Chemical Allergy


Anaphylaxis is a severe type of reaction to something. We try to evaluate the situation to know the cause of the anaphylaxis to avoid it.
We are surrounded by many chemicals. Chemical allergies affect many people. We try to identify which chemical that could be the cause. We develop a plan on how to manage this allergy.
Eczema can be from the nature of the skin or from an allergy. We do testing to determine what you are allergic to and make plans on how to manage them.